Stories, the expected and unexpected

There are many types of story a game could tell. Deep rich advetures, a commentary on society, playful funtimes, or perhaps no real story at all. Many things are needed to have a rich story, and games can provide for all of them. Really, a game doesn't even have to have a deep story to be good, but a deep story can make a game leave a specific impact on your heart.

Tone, events, moments, and characters. These are things that can make a story. Different stories have different ratios of these things. Some stories have few deep characters, and instead have a story shown through fun and playful moments ( or perhaps dark and depressing ones).

Type of story Good Characters Sad moments Happy Moments Deep subject matter
A Deep Story Most of the time Yes Yes Sometimes
A Funny Story Sometimes No Yes No
A Feel Good Story Yes No Yes No
A Bad and Boring Story (in my honest opinion) No No No No

While in some places, you'd expect a deep story, like a game about adveture, or about the flaws of modern day society, certain games can have a suprisingly deep story for what they are. You may not expect a deep tragedy from a Super Mario game, but in the game Super Paper Mario amongst all of the silly and zany content, there is a suprsingly dark plot about forbidden loves, and one of them being driven to madness by loss.

Cutscenes explaing part of this hidden tragedy

I find this deepness mixed amongst a cheery game really charming. It makes for a unique experience, and keeps the game in my memory. Perhaps it is a bit like whiplash, but I really do love it.

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