Games make you feel STRONG

People enjoy feeling powerful, or seeing acts of immense power. Video games are great at that because they let you play as a character who's strong, even inhumanly strong. They let you act as someone who's stronger than you, and that has personally really helped me when I have been in dark places.

in games you can see all sorts of acts of power, but you can also act them out. You control the courageous and powerful hero, the fierce hunter, the dashing rouge. It fills you with a sense of wonder and awe, like for a moment, you're something more than yourself. This feeling has helped me as a person, but it is also just immensly enjoyable! A thrill you can stare at slack jawed and with awe! Truly, this is peak entertrainment!

The final boss of the game xenoblade
The final boss of Xenoblade Chronicles, a godly man who you can utterly destroy. And He DESERVES It.

I love how STRONG games can make me feel. I may actually be somewhat of a wimp, but the thrill and adrenaline from harsh fights in games feels amazing. The pride of victory, the thrill of the fight, the tactics and peril. Many of my favorite games have exeptionally flashy combat, and it brings me so much joy!

Here is some footage of one of my favorite games, Monster Hunter. Look at the beasties you can fight!!

and finally, a fun little question. Which of these would you most like to see as a video game boss?

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