Music Really Makes A game

Music in games is really unique in that it can't know exactly how long you'll be in certain fights or scenes. Some scenes are at a scripted length, sure, but video game music often has to loop, and to flow really nicely onto itself. Games are also stories, and so the music has to fit in with the moment. Music also needs to be able to shift between moments, from combat to exploration, from outside in the world to inside a shady bar. This fluidity and this context of emotion and worlds is why I often love video game music more than typical music.

Due to copyright reasons, I can't post an exact rip of a game soundtrack, but I can post a remix cover!

This is a remix of a song while you fight one of a few possible final bosses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

A withered looking and yet scary man from Fire Emblem

This man, Nemesis, who was brought back from the dead, you fight along with an army of his bandits. They had in the past killed millions of people, almost wiping out an entire race, and even butchering the god they worshiped. You fight these people with your own army, using weapons actually made from the corpse of the god this man killed. It is a massive tactics fight

The chanting in an unintelligable language, and the eerie rises and falls, of this song really bring out that this is a war. A revenge. The way the guitar (which was actually a full on ensable of instrauments in the original ) takes over after the singer hits such a long chord, it makes the singing feel like a battle chant. A champion singing a ballad, before taking centre stage himself, blade to blade with the opponent. The frantic playing of the guitar's faster notes being the sound of battle, but the focus is on the champions. The drums keep a harsh and frantic beat, and this makes the song stay active. My favorite parts are closer to the end, the solo without the singing, around 2:40, it sounds so HOPEFUL, as if you've just stuck a decisive blow, and the opponent is close to falling. It makes my heart swell with excitement, and makes me want to cheer on the player character, even if I am controlling then.

Music can make a game for me, and I really hope this short analysis can teach you to apreciate it more as well. Music is crucial to tell a good story in a game.

Also, fun fact. The man singing in this cover is a voice actor, he voices a major character in this game. He is not a professional singer, but listen to that set of lungs! I admire his talent

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